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ITB-20-043-TM  6/10/2021  Classroom and Miscellaneous Furniture    P-B Conference Pending
ITB-20-042-MV  6/8/2021  Elevator Retrofit and Modernization    P-B Conference Pending
ITB-20-055-MC  6/1/2021  Pest Control Items    P-B Conference Pending
ITB-20-040-EV  5/27/2021  Two-Way Radios    P-B Conference Pending
ITB-20-051-MV  5/27/2021  Electrical Services: Repair, Replace and Install    P-B Conference Pending
ITB-20-045-MJ  5/25/2021  Specialized Repairs Rebuilding/Transmission Repair Service    P-B Conference Pending
RFP-20-046-CM  5/20/2021  Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)    P-B Conference Pending
RFP-20-036-VF  5/20/2021  Comprehensive On-site Healthcare Services for Students Attending C.O.P.E. Centers North and/or South    P-B Conference Pending
ITB-20-017-VF  5/18/2021  Auction Services    P-B Conference Pending
RFP-20-038-CM  5/11/2021  Multi-Factor Authentication Services    P-B Conference

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