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Questions and Answers for bid: 103-FF04

Bid Number : 103-ff04  Opening Date : 05/11/2006
Bid Title : Wireless Service and Equipment  
Buyer : L Leasburg-Kramer 
Subject : Response to Question 
Question : Can you please clarify on the pricing grid what items (specific to individual line items) should be included in the total section? With pricing being provided by call, by total minutes, by device, etc., - we are uncertain as to what to include in the total section. Otherwise, please clarify if this total section is a grading or point section for MDCPS use only?  
Answer : This section is locked and is for MDCPS use only. Vendor is to fill out the invidual response lines that are highlighted in yellow.  
Date Posted : 5/6/2006 10:32:11 AM 
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Bid Number : 103-ff04  Opening Date : 5/11/06
Bid Title : Wireless Service and Equipment 
Buyer : L Leasburg-Kramer 
Subject : Respone to Question 
Question : Please verify how your E-Rate program works.  
Answer : The SLD’s Form 470 which, should be responded to, on page 4 clearly gives the applicant the choice to determine mode of payment. In the case of M-DCPS, we happen to request in all Telecommunications applications (Priority One services) that we be billed at full price and seek refunds thru the FCC Forms 472. But, in the case of field equipment (Priority Two services), we choose the other form of payment, that is, we request an invoice only for the percentage we are supposed to pay and the vendors bill the SLD for the rest. If however our policy were to change at M-DCPS, the awarded vendor(s) would have to adjust accordingly as per SLD practice.  
Date Posted : 5/8/2006 8:28:56 AM 
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