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Questions and Answers for bid: 084-HH07

Bid Number : 084-HH07  Opening Date : 6/19/08
Buyer : Kevin McIntyre 
Subject : Bid Term Prices 
Question : 1. Is this Bid is for 1 year with options to renew for 3 years with approved price adjustments? 2. During, this 1st year, if our cost exceeds our bid price can we request a price adjustment ? According to the bid it says if our cost goes up by more than 50% we can request and adjustment. Is during the first year or extension period? 3. If we win the bid, is Miami Dade County Schools, committed to purchasing the items we won in this bid or will / can Miami Dade County Schools, go outside to purchase same items with a spot market quotes and purchase outside this bid when it come time to order? 4. Is if we must maintain a 1 year price, with no price adjustments during this 1st year of the bid. We must bid a hard number that will can carry for that time period and would require Miami Dade Schools, to purchase during this period from bid winner, OR can adjust our prices, of course if needed, we would bid a softer number?  
Answer : 1. Bid is for 1 year with the option to renew with approved price adjustments for each of the following 3 years. 2. During the contract period itself there are no price adjustments. However, if your cost rises by 50% or greater and you cannot maintain your price and the situation is verifiable then you may formally withdraw from the entire contract without any penalties. 3. There is a condition for Non-Exclusivity. However this is reserved to using other state or local government contracts only not spot market quotes or spot market purchases. 4. Each bidders price will remain firm and fixed during the term of the first year and for each extension year (whether adjusted from previous years or not). The primary awarded vendor will benefit form the majority of the demand of the items needed by MDCPS, but only as the lowest price bidder for those products and remaining as the lowest price bidder for each term of the contract.  
Date Posted : 6/16/2008 8:44:30 AM 
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