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Questions and Answers for bid: 016-DD02

Bid Number : 016-DD02  Opening Date : 11/4/2003
Bid Title : Cap and Gown Rental 
Buyer : Robert Tyndall 
Subject : Bid # 016-DD02 Pre Bid Conference of 10/22/03 Questions and Answers. 
Question : 1. Where did the specification that states, "throw away" or "keeper style" gowns are not acceptable originate? 2. Who was on the committee? 3. Why are disposable caps and gowns not allowed?  
Answer : 1. A committee determined the specifications. 2. Principals, Activities Directors and an Access Center Director. 3. The committee determined that that it would help to discourage unauthorized persons from participating in the graduation ceremony by obtaining a cap and gown from a person that had previously graduated or had disposed of the gown in some other manner. It also assists in control by school officials of students who must turn in their rented caps and gowns in order to receive their diploma. Additionally, the use of rental caps and gowns is envionmentally sound in that it prevents approximately 20,000 "throw away" caps and gowns from being sent to landfills for disposal each year.  
Date Posted : 10/30/2003 4:49:49 PM 
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